Thai cuisine


Pad Thai

The main ingredient.400 grams of thin noodles.400 g of water.320 g of water to cook Pad Thai.60 g dried shrimp.Radish, chopped 40 g.Tofu 160 g frozen.400 g bean sprouts.Kuicheai leaves 60 grams.Ingredients 4 eggs.Vegetable oil 120 g.Peanut meal, 40 g.Ingredient cooking Pad Thai.View ingredient detail 50 g onions.View ingredient detail 25 g garlic.125 grams of sugar.10 grams of sugar.50 g fish sauce.View ingredient detail 25 g tamarind.Vinegar 33 grams.Salt 1 g.MSG 1 gram.View ingredient detail 1 g chili powder.Oil 40 g.How to make Pad Thai cooking water.

Pound garlic, onions thoroughly. Then fried with oil until fragrant. Then add all seasonings. Simmer until the sugar melts and concentrated juice.

Fried noodles with water until a little soft.
Pad Thai cooking water. Toss to combine.
Add dried shrimp, tofu, radish, chopped hard.
Oil around the wok, add the eggs and stir until the eggs are cooked and dry.
Put the sprouts Kuicheai mix cooked vegetables. Serve dip immediately.

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